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Medicine Use Reviews

The Medicine Use Review (MUR) service is an Advanced Service within the NHS Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework. It is a structured review that is undertaken by a pharmacist to help patients to manage their medicines more effectively.

The MUR involves the pharmacist reviewing the patient’s use of their medication, ensuring they understand how their medicines should be used and why they have been prescribed, identifying any problems and then, where necessary, providing feedback to the prescriber. An MUR Feedback Form will be provided to the patient’s GP where there is an issue for them to consider. An MUR is not usually conducted more than once a year.

medicine use review

Prescription Intervention Service

A Prescription Intervention is simply an MUR which is triggered by a significant adherence problem which comes to light during the dispensing of a prescription. It is over and above the basic interventions, relating to safety, which a pharmacist makes as part of the dispensing service.

An MUR is a way to:

  • improve patients’ understanding of their medicines;
  • highlight problematic side effects and propose solutions where appropriate;
  • improve adherence; and
  • reduce medicines wastage, usually by encouraging the patient only to order the medicines they require.

An MUR is not:

  • a full clinical review;
  • an agreement about changes to medicines;
  • a discussion about the medical condition beyond that which is needed to achieve the above objectives; or
  • a discussion on the effectiveness of treatment based on test results.

At Silverwood Pharmacy, there is always a pharmacist available with the specialist training to review and explain the medication to patients. If any issues arise during the review, then the patient’s GP will be notified if necessary, with the consent of the patient.

If you wish to have a review or have any queries about your medicines, please visit the pharmacy as the review has to done on a face to face basis. If you are unable to come to the pharmacy in person, then please contact the pharmacist and other options will be considered.
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