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Minor Ailments Scheme

Silverwood Pharmacy is contracted by NHS Rotherham Clinical Commissioning Group to supply treatment and advice for minor ailments under the Pharmacy First Scheme. The aim of the service is to improve access and choice for patients wishing to consult a healthcare professional in relation to a range of minor conditions.

Pharmacy First
  • The service is FREE OF CHARGE to any patient provided they are exempt from paying prescription charges
  • Patients who pay for their prescriptions will receive the same treatment and advice, but will have to pay for the treatment which will be less than a prescription charge
The purpose of this service is to reduce GP consultations in situations where members of the public can access healthcare & advice from a pharmacist without needing to see a GP and the associated waiting time for an appointment. The process to access the service is very easy:
1)  Patient (and their representative if under 16 years) has to visit the pharmacy in person
2)  Ask to see the pharmacist for a consultation (no appointment necessary)
3)  Pharmacist will see the patient in a private consultation room and provide appropriate advice and recommend a suitable treatment if necessary
4)  In some cases, as per the pharmacist’s professional judgement patient may be referred to the GP if further investigation is required.

Getting the right care, first time will ensure you receive the best possible treatment, leaving health services free for those who need them most.  NHS Rotherham CCG have creted a helpful guide to Choosing the Right Care

The Pharmacy First service is particularly useful for families with young children and those who often need over the counter treatments for minor ailments which are listed below:

  • Allergic Conjunctivitis (hayfever, eye allergy)
  • Allergic rhinitis (hayfever)
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhoea
  • Threadworm
  • Vaginal Thrush
  • Common warts and verucca
  • Acute cough
  • Infective conjunctivitis (minor eye infections)
  • Scabies
  • Infant colic
  • Fever in children
  • Head lice

The pharmacist on duty will be able to give advice and treatment for all the conditions listed above during all the hours the pharmacy is open.

For further information please visit or call Silverwood Pharmacy. Alternatively, details about the scheme in conjunction with NHS Rotherham CCG can be found here
 Pharmacy First
Many pharmacies are open early until late and on weekends and bank holidays. You don’t need an appointment, and can just pop in and get expert medical help from a qualified healthcare professional. Most pharmacies now have a private consultation area where you can discuss your issues and concerns without being overheard.

Pharmacy First
Many of Rotherham's Community Pharmacies are part of the Pharmacy First scheme which enables you to get medication direct from the pharmacist without a prescription. Plus if you don’t normally pay prescription charges you can get medicine supplied under the scheme FREE OF CHARGE. Get in touch for details

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Silverwood Pharmacy
90 Flanderwell Lane, Sunnyside, Rotherham, S66 3QT
Superintendent Pharmacist: Mustafa Bhaiji